Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Baltic Amber

Along with my journey into eating healthier, I am always looking for ways to just LIVE healthier. Especially when it pertains to my children. So when Aerro came along & started having teething pain, I started my research. I wasn't comfortable giving the typical Tylenol/Motrin/ Teething Gel. I try to avoid putting such concoctions into my little's bodies as much as possible. That is when I discovered Baltic Amber.

I know there are alot of people writing on Baltic Amber online but it is always nice to hear first-hand accounts from someone you know! SO. This is for the people who know ME and want to hear a review from a person they know! 

This site (click me!) has awesome information on what exactly Baltic Amber is and how it does what it does. 

What do I know, though, from personal experience? It really does control teething pain. And I'm not the only mom to say so! Since I've used it, many other moms have gotten back to me saying how amazing it works on their own kids. Moms I know. Not just an "online statistic" though those are numerous and believable, too!

The coolest part, though?

My mom. She has had an amazingly quick onset of Rheumatoid Arthritis. Crippling and painful, it has attacked her wrists and ankles/ feet the worst. When I told her about trying BA, she was willing to give it a go. No harm in trying! She got two for each wrist and noticed after a few days that she was gaining mobility in them more. 

Now, this could have been due to her herbs, too, she thought. Not one for wearing any form or watches or jewelery, she was annoyed with having a bracelet on each wrist, so she transferred and only had them on one wrist. 

I kid you not, the next morning she woke up with mobility in the wrist that had the amber on it and was perfectly stiff in the other wrist. Wow! That alone made her realize that the BA was actually working. So, she went back to having one on each wrist and after a day & night, both wrists were back to being functional! 

She has since gotten them for her ankles, too, and I'm super excited that she has found something that reduces the inflammation in her joints thus enabling her to have mobility she once didn't have! And that's without any meds...just natural Baltic Amber.

So, that's my review. It makes my babies happier, and it has helped my mother's arthritis tremendously! 

Sweet Vienna and her Baltic Amber necklace (child size) wrapped around her wrist...

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